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Frequently asked questions in the Pre-Searing

Since Mara Nightbringer has taken up residence in the Newbie Garden (Pre-Searing) she often hears the same questions from many players. So, she decided to compile them here with answers, links to the large answers and try to provide a concise FAQ for New Players who intend to go Post-Searing. This guide does not provide guidance for those creating Perma-Pre characters as they have special needs and requirements to be successful. For that you will probably want to join a Perma Pre guild and rely on them for in-depth information..

Heard often upon arrival in the Pre-Searing - What do I do now?

Heard often in the Pre-Searing by the newly arrived – What do I do now?
Well, if you didn’t read the manual, or the help file here are a few pointers. 

While standing around in Ascalon City familiarize yourself with all the parts of your bars. 



What to do next?

Armor- Yes you will want new armor, the only way to get it is to collect drop (when you monsters you get drop) and trade them into collectors. I know, now you say, where are the collectors?: this link will take you to a page that will tell you where the collector is and what they need.

Here is a complete list of the pre-searing quests at the guild wiki.

Pre-searing map with all the outposts shown

Some other points for now: You are going to get a lot of pressure to join a guild, don't unless you are really sure you are ready and you understand what they will expect you to do.

Guild abbreviations
Cape – well this one you know, if the cape is important look at it before you join up.

Guild Hall – this can everything from an empty island with henchies (for GVG) to a full hall of useful npcs.  Ask what they have in their guild hall.

PVE – Player vs. Environment – this is regular gameplay

PVP – Player versus Player – this encompasses a huge area and variety of ways to participate if you are into beating up on other players.

AB – Alliance Battles – You really don’t care about this unless you have factions.  The Kurzicks and the Luxons take a lot of joy in beating the crap out of each other.

FFF – Fast Faction Farming – Again, if you don’t have Factions irrelevant

GVG - Guild versus Guild, these are battles that take place on the guilds island. Some guilds require members to participate.

If you are going to join the guild ask what is in it for you, will there be help and advice on how to beat the game, do they do loans if you need armor and are broke, will they group with you to get through a tough spot you can’t solo.  Many guilds offer this and more so don’t get yourself into one without knowing what you are getting.

Lastly, if you are still unsure, tell them to contact you when you get to the Post-Searing and you would like a guest invite before joining.

If you have read all this and still have questions please email me at