The Return to Outpost Team Speak info and Code of Conduct

The location is use quick connect, put the info in at the top in server, then choose a nickname and hit connect, someone will give you permission to register if you are a member of the alliance.

Code of Conduct

Due to a number of issues it has been decided to establish a code of conduct for the Chat server. Please read and realize that repeated violations will result in suspension of your privileges for a time period fitting the issue.

1 The Teamspeak chat is primarily for social purposes and questing or missions.

2. If a group changes rooms please pm someone in game for an invitation before following them to their room

3. Boreal Station is a reception area, do not use it for demanding or begging for help, weapons or crafting materials, you may ask politely, if no one has time or what you need then please post to it only takes a few moments to join.

4. Do not continually talk over other players, we need to all be polite.

5. If you have a mission group, please move to a mission room of your choice if there are other folks in Boreal Station and it will create a noisy situation.

5. If you are wanting to talk in an racy manner before our underage players log, please move to Adult 18+

5. If you are very loud or very soft in the TS then ask for help getting it adjusted, don't get offended, folks are trying to help you.

6. After repeated warnings about your behavior, you will be suspended for 1-7 days. Repeated infractions after that can result in permanent banning.