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Welcome To RTO

If you have never noticed the guild annoucement it comes up first each time you log into guild wars. The email password is at the end of the message.

We now have our own discussion board as part of the alliance board, you can use it to post questions, sell stuff, air your beefs, and generally communicate with the rest of the guild. The link is in the menu at the left. The board is moderated and require an authorization to complete registration.

You may use your guild email to register.

Teamspeak server information and Code of Conduct.

You can download the client at instant teamspeak choose the top version as long as you are on Windows

eamspeak server information and Code of

RiGuild Emails

Since many of our members do not have the ability to use their personal emails each member gets a free email from the guild.

Access mail Link

Your email is set up like this:

if you do not have a first and last name, for instance Kairia then it is only your first name.

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